Spirals of Vulnerability


In this piece, I delve into the spirals of emotions, illustrating how we can sometimes spiral out of control and become consumed by our feelings. From an early age, we are often taught to suppress our emotions, to pack them away so no one sees our hurt. We're conditioned to avoid burdening others with our pain, tears, and stories. Beneath the spirals, yellow and green lines form straight paths. These lines represent societal norms and ideals that dictate we must not show emotion, that we must toughen up to face life's challenges. But imagine if we shared our stories of struggle, emotional turmoil, and unease. Wouldn't that create a happier, more connected universe? If we had the freedom to share from a place of vulnerability, our children would grow up with a deeper sense of belonging and understanding. They wouldn't feel the need to hide or be afraid to speak their truth. The pink spirals painted over the solid lines symbolise my refusal to conform to the outdated belief that we must hide our emotions. They encourage others to embrace their vulnerability, to sit with their emotions—not forever, but long enough to truly feel and process them. Measurements: 42.5cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 2.5cm(D)

  • Brand: Olivia Slater
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