"Feeling Blue II"


About the "Feeling Blue" Collection: Inspired by the deep emotions of sadness and melancholy, the "Feeling Blue" collection reflects the beauty and strength found in our heaviest moments. These feelings, while often burdensome, can also serve as a catalyst for personal growth and renewal. When we embrace and ground ourselves in these emotions, we allow Mother Earth to help us release the weight, offering us the freedom to choose our path once again. Acknowledging and releasing our burdens gives us the chance to rise and start anew. Embracing Emotions: Feeling blue is a natural and safe part of our emotional spectrum. Society often teaches us to hide our sadness and bear these heavy emotions in private. However, by feeling into them and harnessing their power, we can transform and become extraordinarily strong. "I give thanks for my Feeling Blue days; they have allowed me to be free."

  • Brand: Olivia Slater
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