And the rain will fall


"And the rain will fall" by Olivia Slater “And the rain will fall,It falls for you.And the clouds will break into tears,You should be here, standing so near to me. Train walk by,And the birds disappear. But why I am still here,Without you by my side? And so, I cry your name,And love cause love to me is life,And I live you. And I wake up, and I wake up. And the rain will fall,It falls for you. And the sun will shine,It will shine every day for you. - Words by Maurice Gibb taken from the Bee Gee’s song “And the sun will shine.” The words in this song performed by Robin Gibb of the “Bee Gees” on the album “One Night Only – Live.” MGM Grand. These words spoke to me at the time of painting this piece.The rain falls, and the heaviness of loss can weigh greatly on us.It can feel as though the rain will never stop falling and the dark and gloomy days will always be overhead.Until we are greeted again by the Sun. The warmth of her rays and her guiding light is only moments of time away, days away, hours away, minutes away.We cling to hope that “this too shall pass” and we will be able to rise again, just as the Sun delivers her light. When we need it the most.

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