Transforming with Death

In the unfathomable depths of loss, where the fabric of life unravels, we find ourselves in a liminal space between what was and what could be.

My own experience with this void came when destiny claimed my partner, leaving me to weave a new narrative for myself and our three young children. During this time, I also lost my employment, the pandemic claiming my job, every point of stability I had know was eroded. 

This was the beginning of my undoing. This is where I could loose my shit and become nothing.

Or I could choose rebirth. 

For I too, died that day. 

I committed to channel my despair into a force for renewal, not just for my own soul's evolution but as a beacon of light for my family. It was here, in the depths of loss, that I discovered the profound potency of release – a conscious decision to let go of the past to fully engage with the present and the future.

The art of letting go is not merely about loss – it's about opening oneself to new landscapes of existence, to the untold opportunities that await beyond the known.

It's an empowering process that demands courage and inner strength to shed the worn layers of yesterday and emerge transformed. In this act of release, we find not weakness but strength, a testament to our inherent ability to evolve and thrive even in the face of life’s most daunting challenges.

My journey through the mists of grief has been a testament to the human spirit's capacity for rebirth. It's an ongoing process, a series of choices made each day to move forward with grace and intention. Letting go is an act of radical self-love, a continuous affirmation of our potential to emerge from the shadows, renewed and ready to embrace the future.

Through my work as a Medical Intuitive, I extend an invitation to those grappling with their own losses, physical or emotional.

Join me in one-on-one sessions where we explore the profound connections between the heart's scars and the body's ailments.

Together, we will navigate the waters of change, seeking harmony and balance, and finding in every farewell the seed of a new beginning.

This is not just my story; it's a pathway to healing, an offering of hope for those ready to transform pain into purpose.